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Make Every Day Easter

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Jesus’ resurrection is as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago. It is relevant in how we as believers follow Jesus in areas impacting our world such as science, medicine, education, and human rights. Regardless of what others may have done or will do, we must

1) Respect all living beings, even those who do not respect our Lord. We must defend our faith boldly, but with gentleness and respect (I Peter 3:15)

2) We can laugh at the days to come (Proverbs 31: 25) A gloomy Christian is a contradiction in terms. Our joy and hope, not our somber judgment and criticism, are what make us contagious and a magnet for a hurting world.

3) The fallen world is dying, but the living Christ is stronger. As Christians, we have the presence of God living in us to be salt and light, bringing truth that is relevant in this world today to those around us.

Easter isn’t old news. It’s new every morning! Lamentations 3:23

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