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Change One Life At The Time

How You Can Fight Abuse, Exploitation, and Human Trafficking


  1. Mentor an adult, child, or family who does not have a good support system and has vulnerability factors such as low income, history of abuse, mental illness, drug use, foster system, incarceration, minimal education, poor work history.

  2. Be the voice around town to keep human trafficking and exploitation on the table. Go to the most vulnerable areas and provide posters and constant flow of information/education/awareness so victims can be identified and assisted. Examples include: shelters, homeless areas, substance abuse and mental health organizations, foster children/CPS system, transportation hubs, hotels/motels/AirBnB’s, hair and nail salons, massage/spa locations, malls, sex stores

  3. Plan and facilitate education awareness for greater community at churches, community groups, social organizations, businesses, professionals, schools, kids/teens clubs, etc.



  1. Go to above areas and also parks, night clubs, or other areas where kids gather or illicit activity is known to happen.  Pray over these locations and observe signs of victimization and report 888-3737-888 or text BE FREE to 233733. Report to   or call 911 if emergency

  2. Mentor women, children, families in situations of abuse, exploitation, human trafficking. Be community for them. Help them step forward as they are able and ready. Love them in their mess, without encouraging them to stay in it. 

  3. Provide for basic needs for those starting over with nothing: food, shelter, transportation, clothes, hygiene items, etc.

  4. Lead bible studies, support groups, book clubs to help promote healthy living.

  5. Plan fun activities, events, outings, parties for victims.

  6. Support overcomers through hiring them or shopping at their business.


  1. Research latest legislative initiatives and promote on social media.

  2. Visit local DA, CA, City Council, Law Enforcement and promote education for law and legislative professionals regarding the true picture of exploitation, human trafficking and why it makes it difficult for victims to be good witnesses or have a consistent story due to trauma. Promote justice for victims including expungement and vacatur of criminal acts while being trafficked.  

  3. Promote public awareness of the crimes and new punishments regarding purchasing sex in Texas, human trafficking, exploitation, etc. 

  4. Support incarcerated victims and perpetrators in getting healing and growing supportive healthy community while incarcerated and after.


All of the above areas require partnering with many organizations in our community to cover the needs of those we are serving. Going to these places on a regular basis and building relationship is key in helping others be aware of the issue, our team to be aware of services available in our community, and those we serve being able to connect and integrate into community well. 

Develop a schedule of who you visit, how often, what you may give them to promote education or even little gifts to connect and say we appreciate them. 

Sharing donations we receive with local shelters is one example of how we consistently connect and cross refer. 

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