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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

I’m reading a book on hospitality right now. I have always wanted to be like my friend, Nancy, who opened her home to anyone and everyone. Whether it was for parties or a spontaneous chat or even if you needed a place to stay for a season, Nancy always made you feel like it was a gift to her that you were there. Instead of thanking her, you always heard her thanking you for coming and being with her, like she really did feel that way. Even at a big party, she made each guest there feel like they were the one she was most excited to have come.

I’ve tried to make my home and my hospitality be remotely like Nancy’s. (I know I will never be able to do it near as well as she did!). But during this COVID-19 season, we have had to close our home for the most part. No more monthly parties, neighborhood get togethers, friends dropping by, or overnight guests. And so, why I wanted to read a book on hospitality in a season when I can’t be hospitable, I honestly don’t know, but God did…

The Master of Hospitality was Jesus. He literally welcomed anyone and everyone and most of the “higher ups” in Jerusalem weren’t so thrilled to have all those “anyone's and everyone's” there. I suppose they felt they didn’t qualify. They hadn’t done all that was needed to be there, to be included. They weren’t worthy.

What I find interesting is that all the ones who felt entitled to be there, never ended up accepting Jesus’ invitation. And those who knew they weren’t worthy were the guests of honor and literally became children of the King. It is still the same today.

I was also reminded of in my reading that Jesus never owned a home. He was constantly on the go inviting others to join him wherever he was, whatever he was doing. What a perfect way to be hospitable in the COVID-19 season. Wherever we go, whatever we are doing, who are the “anyones or everyones” we see along the way that can we invite into a moment of warm hospitality?

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