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If you are in need of assistance of any kind, we can help connect you to many good resources.  Please let us know if you want someone

to join you on your journey of healing and starting over.  Here are some great options:


Rescue Mission - For over 60 years the Rescue Mission of El Paso has been serving the homeless in our city.                      915-532-2575

El Paso Center for Children - caseworkers can help people of any age navigate through all sorts of resources in our city.  915-565-8361

Center Against Sexual & Family Violence - if you have ever been a victim of any sort, CASFV has solid resources for you.  915-593-7300

Paso del Norte Center of Hope - Resources if you have been trafficked or exploited . 915-307-2175

El Paso Community Colleges can help with you with finances to reach your dreams!   915-831-3722

Punto de Partida - These awesome people will stand by you for anything you need for substance addiction - 915-594-7000

El Paso Homeless Coalition can connect you to temporary shelters while they help with a long term place of your own.    915-843-2170

Child Guidance Center - If you have had difficult issues or trauma and need counseling, these are the experts in our city. 915-562-1999

211 - when you don't know who to call, these people have your back.  They will get you to the right resources.                   211

988 - when you are in emotional distress or suicidal crisis

  1.  Shared Hope International -
  2. A21 -
  3. Helping Survivors -
  4. Polaris Project -
  5. Truckers Against Trafficking -
  6. World Without Exploitation -
  7. National Center on Sexual Exploitation -
  8. Emancipation Nation -
  9. Exodus Cry -
10. Rebecca Bender Survivor Organization -
11. Treasures - Harmony Grillo - Survivor Organization -
12. Celebrate Recovery - any unhealthy coping:

NCMEC 1-800-THE-LOST - lost or exploited children
TRAFFICKING 888-3737-888 Text 233733 or 844-643-2251


  ​1. The Body Keeps Score: Brain, Mind, & Body in the Healing of Trauma – Bessel van der Kolk 

  1. The Body Remembers – Babette Rothschild 

  2. Helping Difficult People Change – Russ Rainey 

  3. Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence – Judith L. Herman 

  4. Paid For - My Journey Through Prostitution - Rachel Moran

  5. Renting Lacy – Linda Smith

  6. The Betrayal Bond – Patrick Carnes

  7. Why Don’t We Listen Better – James Petersen

  8. ROOM – Donoghue

  9. Too Small To Ignore – Stafford

  10. Those Who Save Us – Blum

  11. The Hole in the Gospel – Sterns

  12. Out Live Your Life – Lucado

  13. When Helping Hurts – Corbett and Fikkert

  14. Half the Sky – Kristof & Wudunn

  15. Behind the Beautiful Forevers – Katherine Boo

  16. Where am I Wearing – Timmerman;

  17. ​However Long the Night – A. Molloy

  18. Stories From the Shelter - Blake W. Barrow

  19. The Rabbit Effect - Dr, Kelli Harding

  20. Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets - Andy Stanley

  21. The Me I Want to Be - John Ortberg

Resources: Resources
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