2022 so far:

We have seen several individuals accepted into Job Corp, recovery programs, safe homes, new jobs, and housing. We are so grateful for these opportunities for growth and healing as they move towards their dreams and goals in life.  Thanks to many of you who help us support them through your prayers and donations! 


We have also been able to participate in several effective outreaches, education events, and awareness activities with different partner organizations!  We consider these collaborations to be one of our greatest blessings and are truly grateful for the relationships formed and teamwork in serving our city that they provide.  


On a very sad note, we experienced a tragic death in our epcares family recently.  This was devastating to the family and our team as well.  Just days after this occurred, I (Kory) was deployed to Ukraine to serve those suffering from the war.  During this same time many of our team experienced loss in their own families as well as significant physical illnesses themselves.  I am quite confident that many of you too have had significant losses, crisis, or trauma in the last months and years.  As a result of these experiences, we will begin facilitating trauma healing groups in the coming months and hope you will contact us if you are interested in participating.  

Lastly, we will be hosting several 1 hour outreaches in the coming months and would love for you to help us educate and equip our community with posters and resources so they can identify and assist anyone who appears vulnerable to abuse, exploitation or being sold.  Help us disprove the lie that no one cares or that someone is worth "less".  There is nothing more precious than each and every human life made in God's image with unique powerful potential to change our world!

Hebrews 12:1-4...run with endurance...consider Jesus...don't grow weary in your struggle...