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We are a 501c3 faith based nonprofit in El Paso Texas.  All donations go towards helping those we serve in areas of education, employment preparation, housing and personal necessities, therapy, and much more.  Our ongoing costs include printing and distributing education and awareness literature, along with resources throughout El Paso where vulnerable individuals are most often located. 
Additionally, we purchase items for outreach to vulnerable adults and children who are struggling with homeless, abuse, poverty, mental illness and substance abuse, and for those working in the sex trade.  
Connecting and forming relationships helps us together to address needs and  explore options for stepping forward in life.
This very often begins by helping with basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter and then moves on to helping with education and employment and building new dreams!  
Thank you for joining us in reminding everyone that they are God's most precious creation! 
Please click on the link below to donate online or mail to: 


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