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I’m so grateful for the opportunity to travel in my nursing job every month. To be able to step away and see the beautiful parts of the world is a blessing I cannot fully express. I love the history I am reminded of in these corners of the world.

I recently returned from Rome and Pompeii and was reminded of the happenings in these places so many centuries ago. So much to learn from what has happened before us. It is not important to just know what has happened, but to realize we are part of that history as we are in the midst of continuing it on this journey to our final true home.

As we stopped over in Germany I was reminded of the Heidelberg thick strong jaw found nearby and also the almost absent foreheaded skull found in the Neander Valley near Dusseldorf. These remnants of humans from long ago revealed a society without much need for high level thinking as evidenced by the minimal forehead space, but a greater emphasis on survival and ability to eat whatever food was available. This reminds me of what we see when people are traumatized and in children who experience adverse childhood events. The high functioning brain is literally not growing, the frontal cortex decreased and the focus is on survival and comforting self in whatever means is possible.

2 Timothy 3 warns of people reverting to a violent, brutal society with this self focused survival mentality in the last days. If we don’t determine to step back out of our “here and now” mentality, so informed on everything happening in the last 24 hours, but completely unaware of and not applying what has happened in the last 60 years, 600 years, 6000 years, we are prone to mistakes as so many generations have made before us.

Intentionally working to have a clean breeze of history flowing through our minds helps correct our wisdom and vision and perspective to be most truly living now and establishing a strong foundation of history for the next generation after us to build on. Regardless of the common “knowledge” of the day, we have access to the wisdom of eternity. Every day is an opportunity to invest in ways that yield the biggest return for the things that last or waste our time investing in things that are ultimately meaningless and decay.

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