EPCARES provides community education and awareness and support for individuals vulnerable to sexual exploitation, abuse, and human trafficking.  



When a crisis or trauma occurs, it can lead to further danger and destruction or opportunity for growth and change. In our experience over the years as RN's, social workers, teachers, counselors, and advocates for foster children, refugees, and victims of exploitation, we have found this to be true.  Some people are knocked over and have a hard time getting back up and some grow stronger from their trauma experience.  

El Paso CARES consists of teams across the city committed to increasing the awareness and understanding of exploitative or unhealthy relationships and trauma.  Team members go to local truck stops, motels, convenience stores, bus stations, clubs, and other businesses with information about this along with education to promote resiliency and healthy life choices. We also bring posters of currently missing children in hopes that someone will notice these children or anyone who appears vulnerable.

Team members have experience and training in trauma and healing so they can help support those in crisis and collaborate with other organizations in El Paso involved in reaching and strengthening our most vulnerable members.  The number one factor in resilience is strong healthy supportive relationships and we focused on connecting people with healthy community! Our goal is that nobody in our community ever believes the lie that no one cares about them. Prayer, guidance by the Holy Spirit, and unconditional love with healthy boundaries are the pillars of El Paso CARES.



Anyone vulnerable to abuse, exploitation, or human trafficking

be found, free, and flourishing...

        Because every life is God's most loved creation. 

Text Human Trafficking tip to 233733 or Call 888 3737 888
Call NCMEC if you want to report
a suspected crime against
a child: 800-843-5678    https://www.ncmectx.org