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May Newsletter

Happy May El Paso CARES Friends,

This Spring, we are thankful for the many new things EP CARES has seen in the last month!

We welcome 8 new members to our team! These new members will help to strengthen and expand our outreach efforts within the city of El Paso. The more team members we have, the more we can equip our city with weapons to fight against human trafficking.

This past month we also launched our new and improved website!

Please be sure to check it out at Special thanks to our team member, Katharina, for making this happen.

Reaching El Paso

Schools should be a safe haven for children, sadly though, they are not immune to the targeting of human traffickers.

The city of El Paso has reported an increase in the number of children being trafficked in schools.

Everyone who is part of the school community—administrators, teachers, bus drivers, maintenance personnel, food service staff, resource officers, and other school community members—has the potential to be an advocate for child victims of human trafficking. This includes our students.

We need our kids to help us fight this battle. We will be presenting to over 100 youth, beginning of May, to teach them about the indicators of the crime, its warning signs, and how to respond when a student is an apparent victim.

We need our students to be warriors on the battlefield, not casualties of it.

New to Our Site

Stories from the Battlefield - As we continue our efforts to reach the lost and broken, we will be posting snippets of conversations that have moved us. Here is a preview, but be sure to visit our site for more!

“I’m so worried for my kids. I’m hustling and just trying to make it. I know God will help us.” Quote from a lady we pray for weekly at Rescue Mission Corner of Hope.

“Just one wrong step and suddenly you’re somewhere you never meant to be." A conversation with a woman at the Rescue Mission residential facility.

Resource Page - There are lots of great books and articles listed here and on our Facebook page. Be informed and spread the word! The more people who are aware of the issue of human trafficking, the less people who will be lured into it.

Donor Page - EP CARES does not take donations. This page is a resource to connect you with organizations we partner with that serve the vulnerable in our community to help them meet financial or other needs. We strongly encourage you to take a look and consider donating to one of the many organizations listed.

News and Updates Page - Take a look at the work we are doing every month. Join us in prayer and in service.

"Get yourself ready! Stand up and say to them whatever I command you.

Do not be terrified by them, or I will terrify you before them." Jeremiah 1:17


Downtown Spring Festival on Saturday, May 4th from 5 - 8 PM at Houston Park

Please be sure to stop by our EP CARES information table, we'd love to say hello!

Outreach Prayer on Sunday, June 11 at 7:30 - 8 PM

Look for EP CARES t-shirts by the flagpole

Outreach from June 11-21

We need hands and feet to help us reach the lost and broken in our city. Would you please consider joining us?

As always, please pray over the motels, truck stops, convenience stores, etc. to help in this effort and that the lost be found and experience restoration and healing in Jesus Christ.

Through education and awareness, we can be the eyes and ears of our community.

Individuals that intentionally look and know how to respond can help save lives.

Continue to Pray

Father God, we thank You for those who serve as protectors and advocates for children who are being lured into the sex trade. We ask for Your protection for the children, for You to thwart the plans of evil people, and help parents to see the dangers. With Your help, may these children in the El Paso region learn discernment and recognize there are terrible consequences to wrong choices. Help them to set life goals worthy of You and that will lead to a life rescued from poverty.

Jeremiah the prophet's words for us today: "Reform your ways and your actions...Do not oppress the alien, the fatherless, or the widow and do not shed innocent blood and do not follow other gods to your own harm. Then you will live." Jeremiah 7:4-7

Contact us and schedule a coffee to talk more about volunteer opportunities.

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